One Climate One World Campaign Launch – 18 October 2014

It was a fantastic day last Saturday as CAFOD joined with the Justice and peace Assembly to Launch CAFOD’s new campaign One Climate One World. Around 100 people gathered in Amigo Hall to explore further the issue of Climate change and to learn more about what we can do to make a difference.


We heard from inspiring speakers like Jesy Romero and Adan Pajuelo CAFOD partners from Peru who spoke about the effect that  climate change is having on the live of those in the Cruz de Mayo farming community where Adan lives. They spoke about the great risk the melting of the glaciers poses to the community due to the ice falls. Jesy told us about an ice fall that had occurred some years ago, the ice had fallen into the lagoon below and causing massive flooding and huge loss of life with over 30,000 people dying as a result.

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We also heard about the work that has been going on to mitigate risks of climate change closer to home; Fr David Vannerley form the Kent Ecumenical Critical Incident Chaplaincy Service spoke about the work they do to prepare for flooding, drought, acts of terrorism and other emergency situations in Kent. He spoke in detail about the flooding many experienced last Christmas and urged us all, as we looked at the images of the huge areas of flooding, to consider if in the UK we were really taking climate change seriously.

The day also included some exciting and informative workshops, including tricky questions on climate change, how to livesimply as a parish, how to engage young people in the campaign and the Theology of climate change.

In the afternoon we heard about a community in Kenya who have benefited greatly from using renewable solar energy, watch the video below to find out more:

We heard how we can get involved and take action through the One Climate One World Campaign.

Thank you to everyone who came along to the launch and made it such interesting and inspiring day!

To find out more about CAFOD’s campaign One Climate One World Visit our website>>


If you would like to learn more about Climate change and how it impacts the work that we do with communities overseas, come along to our annual Pope Paul VI lecture, We are delighted to have Bishop Sorondo speaking this year whose lecture will reflect on the two greatest challenges we face in a talk entitled The Challenge of our Times: Climate and Poverty – An Agenda for Social Inclusion and Sustainable Development”.  The Argentine Bishop shares his reflections on the relationship between climate and poverty at a crucial time for CAFOD, as we launch our new campaign.


Date & Time: Friday 7 November 2014, starting at 7pm (doors will open at 6:30pm)

Venue: Greenwood Theatre, King’s College London, London Bridge, SE1 3RA.

Speaker: Bishop Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo

Chair: Julie Etchingham

 The lecture will be free of charge but please do register in advance. Register online: or contact us at the CAFOD Southwark office on 020 8466 9901 /

Download a poster to promote the lecture in your Parish, school or group>>>


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