‘Is sustainability good business?’

sustainable city 

CAFOD event: ‘Is sustainability good business?’

15 October, 6.30pm, Romero House.

Sustainability is surely a good idea. It promotes the common good by ensuring that people, resources and the environment, are developed and nurtured for the benefit of all.

But how is this implemented in the workplace in practice?

Why should a company or organisation be concerned with the common good?

Who ultimately pays for and benefits from sustainability?

A just world requires people to live sustainably within it and this event explores how sustainability can be built into business and the workplace.

So if you have an interest in workplace values and ethics come to this convivial event to hear from a range of speakers from business, international development and academia. Then join in the lively conversation over food and drink!

Read about our speakers and register for this event

The diverse panel includes Fr Augusto Zampini – a moral theologian who works with CAFOD and who was a commercial lawyer before his vocation to the priesthood. His perspective is sure to be fascinating!

Read this interview with SockShop’s Alok Ruia, a CAFOD supporter, who tells us what sustainability means in his family business

CAFOD is organising this event in partnership with Good works, a not-for-profit organisation for decision-makers and entrepreneurs who want to nurture human dignity and the Common Good in and through the workplace. It is part of a series of Good works events on building better business through values.

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