A Reflection on Harvest Supporter Day by Hannah Greenshields

Thank you to everyone who came to the Harvest Supporter Day on Saturday 13 September!

It was a great day, and it was wonderful to see so many friendly faces there. Around 20 supporters from across the South East came to Romero House to share stories of their efforts and successes in supporting CAFOD, and speaking at Mass.


I started off the day by leading a reflection and prayer on the ongoing problem of global hunger, and our responsibility to make sure that those marginalised and excluded have enough food.

We were then joined by Clare Dixon, head of CAFOD’s Latin America team. We heard about the successes of CAFOD’s partners in Central and South America. Projects they are involved with include working to improve educational facilities, providing training in more sustainable farming techniques, and providing young mothers with seeds to help improve their families’ food security by cultivating vegetable gardens.

Next, Eileen and Sarah presented all of the fundraising events CAFOD are planning this Harvest, such as the Big Silly Share in schools and Come Dine with CAFOD. They also gave us lots of information about Climate Change and how we can help.

After lunch, John, Eileen and Sarah led a Speaking at Mass workshop. The speakers practiced and presented their talks in preparation for the Harvest Fast Day appeal, and shared each of their CAFOD experiences with me.


As a Theology student and a Catholic myself, the day was interesting, thought-provoking and encouraging. I especially enjoyed hearing the successes of CAFOD’s partners around the world and hearing the stories of people like Martha and Yehwah, whose lives have been changed by the work CAFOD does. I left feeling inspired to see what I could do to help tackle hunger, both locally and globally.

Thanks again to Clare, John, Eileen and Sarah, to everyone who came along to the Supporter Day, and to everyone who is supporting CAFOD this Harvest. As CAFOD continues to tackle world hunger, it will focus on the enormous effect climate change is having on the ability of poor agricultural communities to produce enough food to live healthily.

Thank you to all of the parishes that will be welcoming a CAFOD speaker and to all of the Volunteers who will be speaking in parishes across the Southwark Diocese over the next few weekends. Together we can let everyone know about the wonderful work CAFOD’s partners do.

Find out more about the resources available this Harvest Fast Day.

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