Harvest Fast Day 2014 – Children’s Resources


This Harvest, CAFOD is asking young people to raise awareness of the fact that one-in-eight of us goes to bed hungry every day. We produce enough food every year, yet 870 million teenagers are going hungry because of food being wasted or more extreme weather making it harder to grow food in many countries. This Harvest Fast Day, CAFOD asks you to make a place at your table for families around the world who don’t have enough to eat.

CAFOD’s Harvest Fast Day appeal aims to increase awareness of global hunger and raise funds to tackle its causes, ranging from food waste to a changing climate. This money can then finance projects which tackle the causes of hunger, including providing the tools or techniques for families to grow their own food. This Harvest, CAFOD is asking children to do something silly for a serious issue – the fact that one-in-eight children go to bed hungry every day.

There are resources to be used with the children in your parish, such as a black and white illustration for colouring and a Liturgy resource for Sunday 28th September.

The children’s liturgy resource, for the Twenty-sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year A) for use on the 28th September, gives a gospel reflection that supports our Harvest Fast Day message. The children’s liturgy illustration, for the children to colour, accompanies our children’s liturgy resource.

You can also order Harvest Fast Day stickers and the poster for primary schools to encourage the children to get involved in the Big Silly Share with CAFOD this Harvest. These are available to order from http://shop.cafod.org.uk/

Don’t forget to share our harvest film with the children, which is available at http://www.cafod.org.uk/primary to show the children what is silly about our food system.

Other Harvest Fast Day resources include a How To Booklet, including everything you need to make this Harvest a success in your parish, a Short Talk to deliver at Mass, and a Poster for promotion and a Prayer and intercession card. Find all of the details on the main site, at http://www.cafod.org.uk/CAFOD-in-your-area/Harvest-2014


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