Take up the Harvest Fast Day Parish Challenge and Come Dine with CAFOD


This Fast Day take up the CAFOD Southwark Harvest Challenge. We are challenging all the parishes in the Southwark diocese to hold a ‘Come Dine with CAFOD’ event, you could:

  • Treat fellow parishioners to a themed restaurant experience. Set up your dining room or parish hall like a restaurant. Choose one of the countries we work in, then cook a whole meal from that country. Decorate your restaurant with flags and photos, play music, and learn some of the local language. Each guest gives a score out of ten for the evening and pays in relation to that score.
  • Cook all your guests the same meal but before they eat, put different prices in a hat – from 5p to £5 – whatever price each guest pulls out is what they pay for their meal.
  • Invite your guests to a frugal lunch. Ask them to bring a dish they’ve cooked or bought, but they must spend less than £1 on the ingredients. Share the dishes, and all guests donate the extra they would have paid for their normal lunch.

To complete your challenge, take photos at your event and share them with us by emailing them to southwark@cafod.org.uk. We will create an online gallery of the photos and stories from your fantastic events across the diocese.




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