Youth Events at Aylesford Priory

Sarah Cadwallader, CAFOD Southwark Diocesan Officer, writes:

I had a fantastic time last week running a CAFOD World Cup workshop at Aylesford priory. I took part youth events hosted by the Carmelites and run by the wonderful Southwark Catholic Youth Service team from St Vincent’s Youth Centre in Whitstable.


Along with my colleagues Tanya Jenkins (CAFOD youth team) and Joelle Hernandez (CAFOD Brazil Team) we gave the young people a picture of how our partners in Brazil have reacted to the world cup. We highlighted some of the issues of injustice that the people of Brazil have experienced in the run up to the world cup such as evictions and needless expenditure or money for stadiums when weighed against the need for better healthcare and housing. The young people had time to discuss the issues and think of ways that they would communicate this important message, they came up with fantastic ideas ranging from street art to flash mobs.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The young people then took action, making a statement by learning and performing CAFOD’s specially written World Cup Song to share the message of the people of Brazil with the world.

See a video of the world cup song on our website, then give it a go yourself.

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