Hands On Kitui

Hands On is an exciting new scheme from CAFOD: a series of vitally important new projects that support specific communities as they undertake a two year project, and lets you follow their progress. We invite you to help the community reach their goal by setting up a regular Direct Debit gift.

The first project is in Kitui, Kenya, a place where local people have to walk for miles to reach a river that often has unclean water. Hands On Kitui aims to help the community to restore their water supply, a project which will cost £206,517. The video below tells you more about why this project is so vital and how it will work.

As soon as you get hands on you’ll receive a simple welcome folder with information about the people and the project. Philip will write to you to explain exactly what the project involves, and you’ll meet Stella and her family – the very people this project will do so much for.

Will you get Hands On and make a regular donation to change lives in Kitui? Head over here to find out how to do so.

Kitui promises


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