The Lally Lad’s Fantastic Fundraising

Rhian Lally, CAFOD Supporter in the Southwark Diocese, tell us how her sons celebrate their Birthdays with their global family:

 I have four sons – Oscar, Theo, Xavier and Sebastian. When it came to Oscar’s 6th birthday, we had an idea after mums told me they were spending around £10 on presents for each of their children’s school friends. We decided to write the other parents a letter to say that Oscar would like to support CAFOD and if they didn’t mind, could they give him no more £5 as a birthday present so that he could donate a third to CAFOD and then he could buy one present from all his friends.  We weren’t sure how the letter would be received but everyone was delighted, as it saved them having to go to the shops to choose a lump of plastic costing around £10. Lally Lads

From that birthday, Theo, Xavier and Sebastian followed suit.  They would save their money for about two years and then buy something they really wanted e.g. an ipod and they have great fun choosing World Gifts .e.g. toilets, chickens, bees, music and school books ,as their donation to CAFOD.  Sebastian has also bought himself an Oscar Romero cross which he is very excited about.

To date, the boys have raised over £1000 by donating some of their birthday money.  More importantly, they have grown in their awareness of what is happening in other countries and hopefully, will support CAFOD for the rest of their lives.  Their friends are now also more aware and the boys have always had their World Gift Certificates sent from CAFOD presented to them at school which makes them feel special too.

It is such a simple idea, it takes the pressure off parents and has such a massive impact one everyone. I would encourage others to try it too!


The fantastic fundraising of the Lally lads doesn’t stop at CAFOD world gifts; Sebastian, at the age of 6, swam 3000m to raise money for the Shooting Star charity which looks after terminally ill children and their families with cancer. He raised £872.50.


To find out more about CAFOD World Gifts visit our website>>

Do you want to fundraise for CAFOD? You can get involved in a CAFOD sponsored event or organise your own; check out our A-Z of fundraising ideas and see what inspires you.

We love to hear your fabulous fundraising stories, please share them with us by emailing us on or give us a call on 020 8466 9901.

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