A reflection on the “Understanding CAFOD day” by Jessica Michelmore


With over 100 volunteers coming together for the “Understanding CAFOD day” there was a wonderful buzz from the moment I arrived. With volunteers of all ages and walks of life it was exciting knowing that what united us was a desire to be part of one global human family striving for a just world. Sarah’s opening prayer quickly prompted us to reflect on why we had come and what we hoped to achieve by volunteering for CAFOD. The morning was filled with fun interactive activities which allowed us to better understand CAFOD’s mission by working in teams and sharing ideas. One of my favourite activities was a matching exercise where we had to link different aims of international development to various aspects of Catholic Social teaching. This activity really made an impression on me as it highlighted how the pursuit of human development is so closely intertwined with the values of the Catholic Church. As a Catholic and a student reading International Development these discussions were very inspirational. The experiences shared by the International office were very informative and I especially enjoyed the updates regarding the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan and Honeyrea’s story of resourcefulness and hope. Despite lasting only a day, I felt like the “Understanding CAFOD day” provided an excellent snapshot of all ways we can help both locally and internationally.














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