Lent Fast Day 2014 Resources


With Lent Fast Day just around the corner (14th March) we warmly invite our schools and parishes to make use of our helpful, engaging resources inspired by the life of Mohammed.

Just a few years ago Mohammed’s family struggled to grow enough food to feed their family and fear of starvation was a constant reality. Not only did they lack food, Mohammed’s family couldn’t afford to send him to school.

Now 14 years old, Mohammed’s greatest ambition is to go to school. We also share Mohammed’s dream and ask our community to help raise vital funds for children and young people worldwide to allow them to flourish and lead the lives they wish to live.

Explore our Parish resources:

The Short talk

Includes gospel reflections for the Sundays before and after Fast Day.

Digging Deep into the roots of our faith (Lent reflection)

A Lent reflection on the Eucharist discussing the importance of solidarity with our brothers and sisters throughout the world and the power of prayer and fasting to help to sow the seeds of change. The reflection includes questions for group discussion and/or personal meditation.

 Lent 2014 Fast Day online tool kit

 Our quick and simple Lent Fast Day toolkit has everything you need for a successful Fast Day, including checklists, prayers of intercession, and a Fast Day prayer.

Lent Fast Day Parish Poster

Display this poster in your church or parish community during Lent 2014, to encourage people to take part in Fast Day and engage in Mohammed’s story of hope.

Power Point Reflection on Food:

Use this PowerPoint to form the basis of your opening reflection during your Emmaus meal, or to use alone and with others to reflect. This presentation highlights key areas related to Fast Day including hunger, justice and human development.

All the above resources can be found here.

The even shorter talk

For those with only a short time at the end of Mass to tell the Lent Fast Day story.

 Sierra Leone information Sheet

Brief explanation of the different work CAFOD is doing in Sierra Leone.

 Children’s resources:


First Sunday of Lent Children’s liturgy

A children’s liturgy resource for Sunday 9 March 2014 in support of Lent Fast Day.

First Sunday of Lent illustration

A beautiful black and white Lent Fast Day illustration for children to colour in which complements the children’s liturgy resource on Sunday 9 March 2014.

Are you a teacher looking for more school resources? Have a look at our education resources page

Primary school:

1.Lent Fast Day 2014 assembly (script)

2. Lent Fast Day 2014 assembly (power-point presentation)

Secondary school:

1.Lent Fast Day 2014 assembly (script)

2.Lent Fast Day 2014 assembly (power- point presentation)

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