A Moo-Valous Christmas at Bromley School Fair

Bishop Challoner Year 11 fair-goers, from left: Danielle 15, Ilenia 15, Niren 16

Shoppers at Bishop Challoner School’s Christmas Frost Fair were in for a surprise treat this year, with stocking fillers of a rather unusual kind being sold at CAFOD’s World Gift stall.

CAFOD’s Southwark Diocesan Office took the opportunity to showcase the charity’s array of World Gifts, with items ranging from  ‘marvellous moo cows’ and ‘chirpy chickens’, to ‘squirming worms’ and ‘goats that give’!

With the school’s hall filled with a number of enticing foodie stalls, (chocolate fountains, toasted marshmallows, popcorn and pick ‘n’ mix to name but a few!), the attention of the younger generation shoppers seemed to be diverted elsewhere.

However, with our very own ‘chick’ mascot (brilliantly worn by Diocesan Officer Sarah Cadwallader), our homemade coconut ‘snowballs’ and banana loaf ‘Christmas log’, we managed to draw in at least some of the passing crowd!

Speaking to a group of Year 11 students, the unique gifts seemed to be perfect presents for parents who ‘had everything’. Bishop Challoner prefect Niren said: “I’d get my mum something like the goat, or queen bee gift. I never know what to get her, and this would definitely be a surprise!”

CAFOD’s Southwark Diocesan Manager, Eileen Hayes said: “It was a great afternoon and we had lots of people take away the World Gift brochures which was hopefully a good sign they’d go home and order some of the gifts! I was worried at first we wouldn’t be able to compete with all the stalls selling yummy food, but Sarah did a fantastic job as our mascot, and we sold out of all the cakes we made too!”

The World Gifts range in price from £4 to £5,000, and can make a real difference to communities living in developing countries. Anyone who buys a World Gift online or over the phone receives a personalised card to give their friend or family members telling them how their gift is helping people overseas.

Other CAFOD World Gifts include: resources to teach someone to read; tools and materials to grow vegetables; life-saving treatment for a new mum and baby, and a health kit-pack for children and families most at risk.

World Gifts can be bought for as little as £4. Orders can be placed at cafod.org.uk/worldgifts. The 14th of December is the deadline for posted cards and gifts, but e-cards are available for instant delivery from the CAFOD website at www.cafod.org.uk/worldgifts.

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