Good banking with CAFOD and Triodos

Zimisozettu, 10yrs (left) and her friend Melody, 11yrs, playing a clapping game

Bank ethically while supporting the poorest people in the world, thanks to a new partnership between CAFOD and Triodos Bank.

For every new savings accounts opened with Triodos via the special link on the bank’s website –– Triodos will donate £40 to support CAFOD’s work in the poorest countries around the world.

Tom Owen, spokesperson for Triodos, welcomed the new partnership:

 “The impact of the financial crisis has demonstrated just how much damage the financial sector can have on our society when things go wrong. But it’s also helped a growing number of people realise bankings potential for good, if it’s directed to work for people and the planet, not against them. Partnering with CAFOD has an important role in helping to spread that message further still; encouraging people to consider how they interact with the financial system in their own lives and help build the positive and progressive banking sector we all deserve.”

Ben Oldham, CAFOD’s head of corporate partnerships, said:

  “For many Catholics, we don’t just want to deposit our savings in the bank; we want to know that money is being invested in a way that’s consistent with our values. Banking with Triodos not only gives that peace of mind, but also means that the bank will donate income from its profits to support CAFOD’s vital work overseas. It’s an arrangement that everyone benefits from, and it’s a prime example of why CAFOD seeks to build partnerships with ethical companies in this way.”

Triodos are one of Britain’s leading ethical financial institutions, offering no contractual bonuses to their employees and investing purely in sustainable business, and organisations that work to benefit people or the environment, ranging from organic food and farming businesses to social housing and nature conservation projects.

Triodos publishes details of every single organisation it lends to on its website, so that savers can see how their money is being invested.

Triodos’ donations to CAFOD can only be paid if new savers complete an online application form via the link; the donation will be paid after the balance of the savings account reaches at least £100. Terms and conditions for the offer can be viewed on the Triodos website.

For more information please contact Ellie Wilcock at  or on 020 7095 5451

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