Change a life with World Gifts 2013/14

CAFOD’s 2013/14 World Gifts Collection is now live! If you haven’t heard of them before, they are designed to help people break free from poverty in developing countries; real examples of CAFOD’s work (and so much more), each gift belongs to one of five funds:

  • Education and skills training
  • Livestock, Agriculture and Livelihoods
  • Water and Food
  • Health and Care (Including HIV and AIDS)
  • Emergency, Conflict and Rehabilitation

Below are some examples of the things you could do with a World Gift:


You could provide a family with a brilliant source of nutritious food, as well as a sustainable income, with a beekeeping starter kit for £127


You could help local people warn their community that danger is coming, as well as enabling training so people know what to do in an emergency to survive, with a disaster warning kit for £42


Or you could teach somebody to read for £10


The difference that these gifts can make is truly life changing – £4000, for example, can cover the running of a primary healthcare clinic. This includes paying for medicines and nutritional supplements, electricity and equipment, petrol for the clinic ambulance and staff salaries. Perhaps you are involved with a group that could fundraise in order to provide a remote village with this life-saving facility?

Whatever your budget or cause, next time you are shopping don’t forget to browse the World Gifts selection online.

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