Connect2: El Salvador visitors return home


“The visits to parishes will stay with me most. Everyone in our church at home is waiting to hear about our experience. We’re going to make a mural showing all that we have done. We’re going to do our best to share the riches of faith you have here with our community.”

Make sure you visit the Connect2: El Salvador blog to read about how Sandra, Erasmo, Julia and Fidel journeyed across England and Wales, where they met Connect2 supporters and visited parishes, farms, foodbanks and community projects!


What is Connect2: El Salvador?

The project is a CAFOD scheme that will enable supporters to share the lives of ordinary people in El Salvador and to raise money to help them build a better future. Through regular updates, we share their hopes and dreams and stand in solidarity with them as they overcome difficulties. You can learn more about the scheme on the Connect2: El Salvador blog, and more information is also available about the Connect2 project as a whole – which works in BangladeshBrazilCambodia,El SalvadorEthiopia and Rwanda – on the CAFOD website.

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