CAFOD Syria Crisis appeal – the response

Catholics in the Southwark Archdiocese have contributed to more than £1 million raised by CAFOD for Syria.

Parish groups, schools and individuals around England and Wales have responded with huge generosity and compassion to raise more than £1,000,000 in response to CAFOD’s Syria Crisis appeal, the vast majority of it in just four weeks.

Jim Simmons, CAFOD’s manager in the Diocese said:

“It’s a fantastic effort. Thanks to all who have been involved for their continued generosity.”

More than 5.5 million people are in urgent need of humanitarian aid in Syria, while at least 1.2 million people have fled into neighbouring countries. In Lebanon, a team from Caritas Lebanon, CAFOD’s local partner, visits newly arrived refugees and makes sure they have somewhere to stay. They also provide food, like rice, pasta, cheese, beans and sugar, as well as hygiene kits with soap, toothpaste and toothbrushes, and towels and nappies for babies.

CAFOD is also one of only a handful of UK aid agencies that is able to work in Syria itself. For more than a year, CAFOD has helped Church partners inside the country to provide food, shelter and medical supplies. The generosity of donations to the Syria Crisis appeal means that CAFOD can rapidly scale up this work.

Mike Noyes, CAFOD’s Head of Humanitarian Programmes, said:

“I’ve just returned from Lebanon, where I met people who’d lost their homes, their possessions and their loved ones because of the war in Syria. Many of them arrived in Lebanon with nothing more than the clothes on their back.

“It’s thanks to the immense generosity and solidarity of our Catholic community that we can fund this crucial work in Lebanon and in Syria itself, as well as supporting programmes helping refugees in Jordan and Turkey with food, relief supplies, cold weather clothing and shelter materials.”

To donate to CAFOD’s Syria crisis Appeal or for more information, please visit;

For more information on what is happening in Syria, what the needs are and the work that CAFOD is doing, please also watch the video below:

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