This year, we can tackle world hunger – IF we act together. It’s a big IF. But we can do it.

the big if

When G8 leaders come to the UK this June, they have the power to act on global hunger IF enough of us demand urgent action.

On 8 June, tens of thousands of people will gather in London’s Hyde Park to show G8 leaders that it’s time for action. We want you to come too. Find out more about the event>>>

You can show your support as a parish, school or group by using the loaves and fishes from the Hungry for change action cards to make a Big IF. You may have already used your loaves and fishes to write your own messages or prayers for those who don’t have enough food, and now, by creating a Big IF, they can make an even bigger impact!

Download a step-by-step guide to making your Big IF, including a prayer of intercession and newsletter announcement >>

Send a photo of your group with your Big IF (with the number of people who have taken part) to so we can add them to our gallery.

And if you are joining us on 8 June, make sure you bring your Big IF to show how many people from across England and Wales believe we must act to end world hunger.

Find out what the Enough Food for Everyone IF campaign is calling for – and add your name in support >>

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