Fundraising for CAFOD!

Have you ever considered running a fundraising event for CAFOD? For this week’s post Jim Simmons, CAFOD Southwark Manager, tells us about a small CAFOD event that his wife held for CAFOD, on the Hungry for Change theme.


“Lots of different friends came with various home-made craft work to see what they could do to raise money in support of CAFOD’s Food Campaign.  There were locally made broaches and bags very beautifully stitched together from different materials, and bangles and necklaces. Others had baked some fabulous looking cakes, and produced jars of home-made chutney specially for Christmas. Three neighbours decided to come with their instruments and played music while people enjoyed a slice of one of the delicious cakes with a cup of tea.  The event was held in Kelvington Road Nunhead and organised by Margi Alston with the help of some of her friends and young people from her daughter’s school. Neighbours and friends starting arriving at about 2 pm, paid their £1 entrance fee which bought them also a piece of cake and a cup of tea, and then wandered round to see what they could buy.  The event ended around 4:30 and £580 was raised for CAFOD’s work.”

To find out more about CAFOD events near you, check out this page. Visit here for tips on how to run your own event!


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