Give a CAFOD World Gift this Christmas

World Gifts will delight your friends and family and make a huge difference to people in developing countries. Because they do something no pair of socks can ever do – they help people break free from poverty! This year we have over 30 gifts to choose from and to suit every kind of budget and ideas for every taste and age, from goats to bicycles!


Make a child smile

More than just a fun day out, this amazing gift brings smiles to the faces of orphaned and vulnerable children who have lost parents and loved ones because of HIV and AIDS. A day of games, dancing and music gives them the chance to laugh, make new friends and just enjoy being children again.

Have you thought about giving a CAFOD World Gift, such as the one above, this Christmas? They are real examples of CAFOD’s work – representing much, much more than just the specific item being bought. Each World Gift belongs to one of five funds CAFOD have created, covering different types of work –

  • Education and Skills training
  • Livestock, Agriculture and Livelihoods
  • Water and Food
  • Health and Care (including HIV and AIDS)
  • Emergency, Conflict and Rehabilitation

To find more information on how the World Gift Funds work, click here. You can also order a gift or a catalogue online. And this Christmas, there’s a free calender when you spend £50 or more!


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