CAFOD Southwark ‘Share the Harvest’ Pilgrimage

The sun was shining as we gathered for our pilgrimage last Saturday and we were warmly welcomed with a cup of tea and a bowl of soup by members of St Francis de Sales Parish in Hartley. We began the pilgrimage with a time of prayer and reflection to focus us on the theme of the day; ‘Sharing the Harvest and making a place at the Table for everyone’, and then 23 enthusiastic pilgrims set out on the journey. We had four other stops along the way inside local Anglican churches and out in the open countryside. We listened to Scripture highlighting our responsibility to share the wonderful resources that God has provided so that all may flourish, and it was great to share stories and our personal reflections on this.

“The pilgrimage was stimulating and refreshing. It was good to get the thoughts and reflections of others on the Scripture.  It was good to have time to meet and talk with other CAFOD Volunteers” Kathy Szczegolski CAFOD Southwark Office Volunteer

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At our final stop on the pilgrimage we were commissioned to act and Rachel McCarthy from the Campaigns team in CAFOD Head Office gave us an introduction to the new Hungry for Change Campaign and the action cards. We finished by breaking bread and sharing it together.

“I thought the pilgrimage was very good, well thought out, a great introduction to the food campaign and Hartley parish was very generous with their support.” David Murray CAFOD Southwark Schools Volunteer

CAFOD Southwark would like to say a big thank you to all who joined us on the pilgrimage and to everyone at St Francis de Sales Parish in Hartley who were so welcoming and supportive. We would also like to thank the knights of St Columba at Hartley who expertly guided us across roads and kept us hydrated with stops for water.

For more information on the Hungry fo Change Campaign visit our website>>

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