Action on evictions in Brazil

Maua community

More than 2,000 people, including 250 children, pregnant women, older and disabled people, are face being thrown out of their homes and onto the streets of São Paulo following a court ruling. 

Once a chic hotel, the Mauá building in the centre of São Paulo was abandoned and empty until five years ago when over 200 homeless families moved in. They cleaned up the building and began trying to win legal rights to their home – as Brazilian law allows.

In July, we launched an urgent campaign demanding the Brazilian authorities overturn the eviction order and ensure these people have somewhere secure to live in the long-term.

In just one week, 3,036 of you signed our petition to support families in Brazil under threat of eviction. Residents presented this petition on the 16th July and we received the happy news that the proposed eviction had been postponed and that the local authorities were looking into secure longer-term housing for these families.

However, we have now heard from our partners working with the Mauá community that a new, unexpected judiciary decision taken this week means that these families are once again facing being thrown out onto the streets of São Paulo. This means that your support for our campaign and petition is now more important than ever.

“We need to hold the government to account so they will deliver on their promises,” Osmar Borges from our partner APOIO told us. “CAFOD’s petition and international support is essential to us and will be hugely important in our work to pressure government over the next month and in this electoral period.”

You can take action now to stop the evictions Please click here >> to sign our online petition.

Our online action will be sent directly to key authorities, in Portuguese, urging them to stop the evictions and ensure the families have somewhere safe to live in the long-term.

Emily Mulville, our Brazil Programme Officer said, “The struggle of homeless families in São Paulo is enormous, but not fighting is not an option when you are seeking justice. This is only a setback, it is not defeat. CAFOD will continue to stand by our partner and these families in their quest to bring about major social change ensuring the poorest people are able to live and raise their children close to where jobs, schools and hospitals are located.”

Thank you so much for your support so far and please continue to keep the people of the Mauá community in your thoughts and prayers:

Prayer: Longing for a Home

Shelter us, O Lord,

And give us the compassion and knowledge to help others in their search for shelter.

Protect us, O Lord,

From darkness, and give us the wisdom and skills to protect others who live in unsafe and unhealthy housing and long for the light.

Bless us, O Lord

With homes that make comfort and joy realities for our families, and give us the grace to ensure this for all families.


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