Archbishop Peter Smith’s Visit to Kenya with CAFOD

From Friday, 8th June, until Friday, 15th June 2012, Archbishop Peter Smith and Father Philip Glandfield visited Kenya with Chris Bain, the Director of CAFOD.

During their visit they experienced the contribution that CAFOD makes to a number of projects in the country and met with Cardinal John Njue, Archbishop of Nairobi, and other bishops and the local CAFOD staff.

They visited Korogocho which is one of the largest and most congested slums in Nairobi, with almost 200,000 people packed into less than a square mile. Education, health and sanitation are basic and there are few proper roads. Most residents lack affordable, clean water and have no electricity or regular source of income. Young people, desperate to make a living, often become involved in illegal activities

In an attempt to break this cycle of deprivation, the St John’s Sports Society has been established. It works in partnership with CAFOD. It aims to transform Korogocho by using sport to mobilise the community. Its main focus is on human formation and community work. As well as running sports programmes including football, netball, weightlifing and taekwondo, the society organises social activities such as cleaning the local area. Archbishop Peter visited St John’s Sports Society and met Fr John Webootsa who introduced the Archbishop to some of the young people who belong to the Sports Society.

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