Campaign with us and be a Force for Change!


A personal appeal by Bernard White, Volunteer Campaigns Coordinator, CAFOD Southwark

As our CAFOD‟s supporters, you are hugely generous and we value enormously everything that you do. In the year to March 2011, you gave £37 million which was 67 per cent of CAFOD’s income. This enabled us to carry out so many projects to help the poorest people in the world.

But did you know that more than £65,000 million (£65 billion) is required every year so that poor countries can deal with the effects of climate change? This includes things like building a reservoir in Kenya to provide an extra three months’ supply of water during the constant droughts that affect the people of that country.

This kind of money can only come from the Governments of the rich countries of the G8 and G20 and it is right that they should be asked to give it. The Gospels contain numerous teachings by Jesus that we should love one another, and, as Pope John Paul II said, this means taking action for one another and not only some vague feeling or expression of  sympathy.

And so, CAFOD asks you to campaign with us, exercising our role as Christians and citizens to ask our government to provide funding or other help where that is the only effective way to help the poor.

In his teaching about the Last Judgement, Jesus said (Matthew 25) that one of the actions of the righteous who would enter the Kingdom of Heaven was to give a drink to the thirsty. Such a simple request, so why do we in the rich world find it so difficult to do this?

I am appealing to all of you to, please, reflect on the significance and importance of campaigning, and to take up the campaigning mantle yourselves and encourage your families, friends, fellow parishioners and clergy to do so. If we do not campaign, we turn our faces away from hugely benefitting the poor and those unjustly treated at great personal cost to them.

What could you be part of?

From climate change, to fair trading standards, to tackling poverty, CAFOD’s supporters have been forces for change in so many different ways already. Take a peek at the video below to learn about one of the current campaigns that you could get involved with today – and why!

Learn more about CAFOD’s current campaigns and take action here.

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