Thirsting for Change in the rain

Deligation of CAFOD Supporters with Andrew Mitchell outside No.10 Downing Street

On Tuesday 15 May, CAFOD supporters delivered over 60,000 Thirst for Change actions to No. 10 Downing Street, calling on Prime Minister David Cameron to turn the tide on water poverty. Thirst for Change has had an amazing response from the Catholic community, with the number of actions reaching 60,421.

Secretary of State for International Development Andrew Mitchell praised The Thirst for Change Campaign saying: “We love CAFOD. You are brilliant. Thank you very much for what you are doing: it’s really, really good.”

Before delivering the campaign actions, CAFOD supporters from all over England and Wales took part in a sunrise walk of solidarity along the River Thames, carrying buckets of water and remembering the millions of women and girls who must rise in the early hours to collect water day in, day out. At the end of the walk everyone gathered outside Westminster Cathedral to display water droplet messages, attached to ribbons and held up by the supporters to form a symbolic River of Change. Among them were Lemlem, CAFOD’s partner from Ethiopia and Jim Simmons CAFOD Southwark Diocesan Manager. Jim said “It was great to have Lemlem with us. Even in the pouring rain the message of ‘Thirst for Change’ was enthusiastically given by all of us there”.

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THANK YOU to all who supported the Thirst for Change Campaign by, signing cards, emailing the Prime Minister, writing water droplet messages and finding different ways of raising awareness and taking action. At the G8 summit which begins today, David Cameron, through receiving your actions, has now a clear mandate to urge other world leaders to make clean water and safe sanitation a top priority!

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