Thank you so much for your support with our Don’t Drop the Ball campaign on climate change. You ensured that the UK took a positive stance, but more commitment is needed to deliver long term finance for the poorest people.

What we asked for: UK to provide its fair share of climate finance to help the poorest adapt, and outline where this money will come from.

What we got: The UK reiterated its pledge to give £1bn in short term climate finance until 2012, but has given no detail on long term support. There was no international progress on specific sources of finance and the UK has not made clear how it plans to raise the money.

What we asked for: UK government to champion the setting up of the Green Climate Fund.

What we got: The Green Climate Fund was set up and this was a good step forward. The UK needs to continue to play a role in ensuring this delivers long term funding to the poorest communities.

What we asked for: UK to channel their climate money through the Fund.

What we got: No progress on this as yet.

So what happens next?

Many thanks again for your support. The next step in our climate campaigning will be the UN Earth Summit in Rio in June 2012. Watch this space!

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