1. Thirst for change campaign update – all you need to know!

We’re so excited about our Lent campaign which calls for David Cameron to lead the G8 in May 2012 to end water poverty. This is a community action and we hope to see thousands of people taking action locally to build ‘rivers of change’ that take this message all the way to Downing Street.

Special note: We’re hoping that we can work together to kick off Thirst for change in January during a ‘launch week’ across England and Wales. We’re currently working up some ideas for a simple stunt and a family water challenge that you could do to attract local media and get your volunteers inspired to take the campaign into parishes. We’re keen to hear your ideas and thoughts about this, and can talk to you more about this at the Lent days at the end of the month, but we wanted to flag it up with you now so that you can think about whether this might be possible- and so we can plan any resources that you might need. Please get in touch with Clare to let her know your thoughts, or queries! 7095 5419

2. Don’t Drop the Ball (on climate change) campaign

Yesterday saw the close of our Don’t drop the ball campaign on climate finance! Thank you for all you did to promote this among supporters in your diocese.

Katy and Emma have produced this brilliant round up film of the campaign activity that’s been happening since we launched in August – at festivals, universities, and parishes up and down the country, not to mention Bearing Witness…

We’re busy getting the latest figures on the number of actions taken so that we can do a hand in at the Treasury w/b 21 Nov – just before the Durban talks. There are over 6,000 actions we already know about and that figure will increase in the coming days.

We’ll continue to press for this in the run up to Durban and keep campaigners in touch with the progress of our partners, as well as encouraging people to connect their communities to the talks through local African Climate Connection events, as part of Stop Climate Chaos.

3. MP Correspondent Reception – Monday 7th November

The MP Correspondent Reception at Speaker’s House was a great success. Thank you for promoting it among MPCs in your diocese. There were around 90 MPCs and 25 MPs in attendance, and speeches given by Tom Clarke MP (Chair of Parliamentary Friends of CAFOD), Bishop John Arnold, Baroness Tina Stowell and Chris Bain.  Here are just some of the blogs that have been written about the event:

CAFOD Brentwood

CAFOD Portsmouth

CAFOD Westminster

4. Get Down to Business update

Andrew Mitchell’s office has promised that we will be able to hand in the actions within the next few days. So watch this space…we will report back as soon as possible afterwards.

5. Bearing Witness: Acting and Praying for Climate Justice

More than 120 CAFOD supporters joined us on 1st October, the hottest October day on record, for a Campaign Energiser Day followed by an ecumenical service, march and vigil in Manchester on the eve of the Conservative Party conference. The event was very successful – thanks to all of the diocesan staff who helped. You can read a report here.

Rather than being asked to lobby MPs again, groups are invited to build on previous connection events by organising unique African-themed climate events which will help get new groups and individuals involved in their area. Please get involved with local activities if you can.

For more details see

6. Robin Hood Tax

Despite the Eurozone crisis overtaking the G20 agenda in Cannes last week, small steps forward were made on a Robin Hood Tax. With support from hundreds of economists, church figureheads and thousands of campaigners like yourselves, a growing group of G20 countries including France, Brazil, South Africa and Argentina pledged their support to a Financial Transaction Tax (FTT).

Yet despite the President of the European Commission, José Barroso, pledging his support for an EU wide FTT and support from Bill Gates, David Cameron is still not fully behind the tax. Read about the highs and lows of the Robin Hood Tax campaign over the last 18 months on the CAFOD website and watch this space for more information on how we can continue to keep up the pressure on the UK government.

7. Sudan Peace Campaign

Last week, we delivered your prayer and message cards to the Sudan Catholic Bishop’s Conference. We’ll keep you posted on their response. Thank you to everyone who took action. This Christmas, please continue to keep the people of Sudan and South Sudan in your prayers.

Thanks for your support!

The Campaigns Team

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