You may have seen our article a little while ago about two local supporters, Annamaria Koerling and her daughter Anna-Lucia, who were planning to swim across Lake Lugano in support of our East Africa appeal. They undertook the swim in memory of Anna-maria’s father, Bernard.

Annamaria and her eldest daughter Anna-Lucia ahead of their swim across Lake Lugano (Photo: Annamaria Koerling)

Annamaria and Anna-Lucia were amongst more than 500 com-petitors in the race that begins on the Italian edge of Lake Lugano and finishes 2.5km later on its Swiss side.

It was a very hot day in Lugano and the excitement from every-one competing was palpable. All the competitors were taken by ferry across from the lido in Lugano, where the finishing line had been set up, to Caprino on the other side of the lake.

Annamaria said that, from the boat, the distance seemed very daunting.

” We all jumped in the water ready for the start and I have to say that I was worried that we wouldn’t get across.” said Anna-maria. “When the starting horn blew we all set off. It was very busy initially but then the competitors soon stretched out as we all got into a rhythm. The time passed without us noticing though the last 500 metres, when you could see the finishing arch, seemed to take an age”.

Anna-Lucia completed the course in 58 minutes and 51 seconds and her Mum did it in 1 hour 12 minutes.

“We felt tired but exhilarated at the end.” said Annamaria.

You can see more photos from the swim on our Facebook page!

Annamaria and Anna-Lucia (front of picture) on their way across the 2.5km course (Photo: Annamaria Koerling)

A massive thank-you to Annamaria and Anna-Lucia for their truly amazing and inspirational swim.

Jed Murphy

Please get in touch with CAFOD Southwark to share your ideas for Fundraising and Campaigning or to find out how you can help CAFOD‟s work. 

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