Richard French, Co-ordinator of CAFOD Southwark’s Schools’ Volunteersreports on a very successful CAFOD programme for visiting schools in the Diocese.

Richard French (on the left) and Jim Simmons (on the right) with Schools’ Volunteers at a ‘Refresher Day’ held at Romero House on 29th July (Photo: Christine Bryant)

In the past academic year, our CAFOD Schools’ Volunteers have visited 62 of the 135 Catholic Primary Schools and 18 of the 40 Catholic Secondary Schools. If we include non-Catholic schools and the many repeat visits made, then the total number of visits is 125. This is a significant increase on the previous year when we made 85 visits.

The success of the schools programme is thanks to the dedication of the approximately 30 CAFOD Schools’ Volunteers. Typically for primary schools, they make presentations at school assemblies, and for secondary schools, the visits tend to be more based on classroom or group activities and are linked to the curriculum. Sometimes the Volunteers are asked to speak during school retreats. In all cases the objective of the visits is to raise young people’s awareness of poverty and injustice in the world and to understand the good work CAFOD is doing to assist development and relieve suffering.

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