Plumstead Classical Variety Concert

Plumstead Classical Variety Concert

On Sunday 20th March 2011 St Patrick’s Parish in Plumstead hosted a Classical Variety Concert with all the proceeds going to CAFOD. The event was a huge success and raised in excess of £1,000.

The concert was performed within the church itself, whose 19th century architecture lent it-self beautifully to the occasion.

The hymn ‘Whatsoever You Do’ opened the concert and the

audience, made up of parishioners from St Patrick’s and many other local churches, were invited to join in.

The wealth of talent on display among the performers in the concert was outstanding, particularly the younger members. The accompanying photographs show just some of the artists who gave their time and energies voluntarily for the benefit of CAFOD.

These included Juliana and Marcelina Ziezio (Violins) from the Guildhall School of Music.

All photos: Tom Headon

Accomplished performances were also given by Paul Newton (Flute), Abigail George, Ann Marie Adejayan, Angelica Alayo, Daniel Fernando & Nathan Ferera (Pianos) and Mara Lobo (Cello). Soprano Zara Ballara, tenors Simon George and Duncan Paulson, and the children of St Patrick’s School choir gave incredible vocal performances. The variety of talent also included a display of African dancing.

As well as the performers them-selves a great number of other parishioners contributed to the organising of the concert from planning the programme to serving refreshments after the event. Special mention must go to Fr. Michael Branch, Parish Priest of St Patrick’s, for his huge support and promotion of the event. This saw him encourage, cajole, persuade and harass people into buying tickets!

On the day of the concert the parish was fortunate to have a visiting CAFOD speaker, David Murray, who added his thanks and appreciation at the conclusion of the concert.

Geraldine Headon, Parish Contact

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