Do you remember Amparo from Lent Fast Day who was enabled to set up a furniture making business by CAFOD’s partner?

There are millions of people like Amparo who could be helped to work their way out of poverty  if they had a similar opportunity.

CAFOD’s current campaign is exactly about that. The Government’s, Department for International Development (DFID), lead by Andrew Mitchell, MP, has a large amount of money already committed in its budget to spend on trade in developing countries.

This campaign is asking that this money is focussed on small businesses, whose effectiveness in combating poverty is well established.

What can you do?

It would be wonderful if mass-goers in every parish in the archdiocese were given the opportunity to sign the campaign cards.

I am writing to the parish priests in each of our churches, asking them to run the campaign in their churches.

Please will you supplement this by asking your parish priest if he has received my letter and would he please speak about the campaign?

I have also sent to the parish priests two short talks.

The first is for parish priests themselves and can be found here:

The second is for lay speakers and this can be found here:

Both are Word documents, but if  you have any problems, please email us at or ring 01322294924

So far, we have received the most signed cards where:

  • There is a talk at Mass.
  • Parishioners have the cards to look at during the talk.
  • We collect the cards as people leave the Church.
  • We make it clear that all members of a family can sign

Please will you help?

Bernard White, Campaigns Coordinator, C AFOD Southwark

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