Millie's 8th Birthday

Millie's ultra-generous donation on her 8th birthday

Here’s a fantastic story from one of supporters in the Southwark diocese.

Millie Jones has recently celebrated her 8th birthday but asked for donations to CAFOD instead of presents.

Her dad, Philip said: “Millie has decided that instead of receiving toys and games this year for her birthday, she would like to try to help others less fortunate than her, so she has set up this JustGiving page. We hope that you feel able to support her effort, even though she is not running a marathon or climbing Kilimanjaro or even stopping eating sweeties for a week…”

She has so far raised £215 but is hoping for a little more to reach her target of £250.

The activity is recorded on her dad’s Just Giving page:

So please, if you can, let’s see if we can help her reach her goal!   Millie’s nearly there….

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