Time for change teapotA Westminster lobby for international development

Make a date for tea with your MP!

When: Thursday 9 June 2011 11am-4pm

Where: Central Hall, Westminster, London SW1H 9NH

REGISTER NOW: To tell your MP you will be there.

There’s nothing like a chat over tea to help people understand one another. But on 9 June, tea time is about more than just a cosy chat. It’s about making MPs understand how important it is to you that poor communities can receive healthcare and education and break free from poverty forever.

Let your MP know that effective aid, promised by the UK government, is vital now. But aid alone isn’t enough. They can ensure that more money gets to the poorest communities by:

  • stopping companies tax dodging
  • getting companies to open up their books on payments they make to developing countries
  • supporting innovative ways of funding development like a tax on financial transactions (Robin Hood Tax)

Take your message about global poverty to the heart of government.

Register now to meet your MP on 9 June. With inspiring speakers from our overseas partners, an ecumenical service, informative workshops and special guests, there’ll be plenty to make the day memorable.

Visit the main CAFOD website and simply type your postcode in the box to register this will only take a few minutes. Once you’ve registered, you’ll be able to access our events site where you can find out more about the day, connect with others in your constituency, sign up to be a Constituency Champion and more.

Can’t come or have questions? Call James in the Campaigns Team on 020 7095 5416

Tea Time For Change

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