The girls from Virgo Fidelis are shown holding up their signed Get Down to Business postcards

On March 16th 17 girls from Virgo Fidelis, accompanied by Sr. Josephine and Sr. Elijah, visited Romero House and Amigo Hall as part of their IBCC studies.

Virgo Fidelis offers a wide range of courses including the IB Diploma, GCE A levels as well as the more vocational subjects. Those taking part in the IBCC (Int’l Baccalaureate Career related Certificate) must be taking at least one vocational subject plus two IB Diploma subjects. Virgo Fidelis is one of only two schools in the UK doing the IBCC. The students also have to do a Community & Service (CAS) project to compliment their other studies.

* provide a service that meets a community need
* develop working relationships with members of the community
* develop a sense of caring about & a responsibility for others
* facilitate active student reflection
* build on existing skills and develop new ones
* enhance the existing school curriculum

The girls are looking at CAFOD for their studies, and so the visit gave them an opportunity to talk to a person working in the area they choose for their project, e.g. someone from campaigns, someone from emergencies. The visit was hosted by Stephen Davies, with assistance from Tanya Jenkins. After a short introduction using the CAFOD ‘Who wants to be a Millionaire’ Quiz, Stephen and Tanya took the girls on a tour of Romero House where they met people in different parts of CAFOD’s organisation.
Barbara Davies, from the Latin America section, then spoke to the girls about projects empowering women in Colombia. Finally the girls signed the small business letter to Andrew Mitchell.

The girls had a great time and were able to take lots away with them from the day.

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