What does it mean to be a Catholic in England and Wales today?  What does it mean to put our faith into action?
Here are 3 short films celebrating the life of the Catholic Community in England and Wales today, these were originally produced for the Hyde Park Papal Vigil in September 2010. They are great to watch on your own, or for use in parishes, schools, youth centres or organisations.

1. The Heart that Sees
Who are the catholic community today? Voxpops from around the country on what it means to be a catholic:

2. The Heart that Serves
Focuses on the importance of putting our faith into action and what it means to “serve” at a local level:

3. The Heart that Seeks Justice
Unpacking what justice means and how as Catholics we can and should be involved in working for justice:


4. Your Kingdom Come
A short film showing how faith and action can change the world:

5. 50 Years 50 faces: sexual violence in DRC
Video clip about CAFOD’s work in the Democratic Republic of Congo: CAFOD funds eight Listening Rooms where sexually abused women receive counselling and spend time together learning a trade. This has helped over 12,000 women get back on their feet physically and mentally:

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