The Wimbledon No 10 Door with Promises and Placard

In April the year 7/8 youth group from Sacred Heart Parish, Wimbledon, got involved in the new Act on Poverty Campaign. 

Just a few days after the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition was formed, Stephen Davies and Lucy Hurn from CAFOD’s Head Office visited the group and together they looked at the importance of showing the new government that we care about issues of aid, climate change and big business, and that the government can and should make a positive difference to the lives of the world’s poorest people.

 As well as calling on the government to act, the group were keen to show that they were also prepared to do something themselves. They thought of promises they could make to help others, wrote them on cards, and then stuck them on their very own No. 10 Downing Street door which they had made.

 A photo of the door, along with those from children and young people throughout England and Wales, will be sent to the real No. 10 this autumn.

 James Potter, Youth Minister at Sacred Heart Parish, Wimbledon is hoping to get the young people to roll out the campaign across the parish. He said “This was a simple but iconic way for the youth to express themselves on these important issues. It certainly stirred up enthusiasm, drawing some strong and impassioned responses from the young people.”

You, too, can make a door, make a promise and challenge the government. Details are at

Many thanks to the young people from the Sacred Heart group who helped launch the campaign action.

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