Volunteering for CAFOD at Greenbelt: a great experience

Dani Adams (L) and Charlotte McCaugherty (R) at Greenbelt

Two of the CAFOD volunteers at Greenbelt Festival, who have been working with Southwark Catholic Youth Service on the residential team at St. Vincent’s Centre over the last year, share their experiences of volunteering at the festival and promoting CAFOD’s Act on Poverty campaign…

Dani Adams writes:

This weekend for me has been a real eye opener. It was my first experience of camping and what a way to do it. As soon as we entered the site I was intrigued by the warm, friendly relaxed atmosphere. James (Buchanan) and Christina (Kelling) from CAFOD’s campaigns team were very informative and supportive and it was great to work alongside like-minded Catholics and I also enjoyed worshipping with Christians in general, something I’ve not done much of.

 I’ve done a bit of work for CAFOD before so it was good to be back encouraging people to think of our world and our Christian duty to think of others and do what we can to help.

 I’ve really enjoyed the weekend and would love to come back again. The food, workshops, music and company all made it a wicked way to spend the bank holiday weekend.

Charlotte McCaugherty writes:

Volunteering for CAFOD at Greenbelt was a great experience. There were opportunities to listen to talks, hear performances and talk to people about CAFOD’s Act on Poverty campaign. It was really interesting listening to what people had to say and talking to others about the campaign and what they could do to help the campaign, to raise awareness and show their support.

Have you acted on poverty yet? To send your message to the Prime Minister visit: www.cafod.org.uk/actonpoverty

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