Mark and Frances



Frances Gilbert, who lives in Thornton Heath, explains why she has chosen to remember her son in this special way.

“We adopted Mark when he and our daughter, Katy, were 5. He suffered from Muscular Dystrophy but was incredibly determined. His greatest passion was fighting poverty and injustice: he couldn’t bear to think of people starving.

Our family helped run the parish’s First Friday lunch group to raise money for CAFOD; and my husband, Jim, was Treasurer. When Jim died in 2005, Katy and I could easily have let the lunches slip but Mark encouraged us to continue. He asked: “How else will we get the message across?”

Sadly, in January the Muscular Dystrophy took Mark’s life. We miss him desperately but what better tribute could there be than a Candlelight Fund in his memory. We’ve been overwhelmed by people’s kindness and over £4,000 has been donated. Mark was an inspiration. It’s a great comfort to know that, through his Candlelight Fund, he has become the message he wanted to share.”

Just as we light a candle in memory of a loved one, a candlelight fund can be a positive and meaningful way to remember someone we’ve lost.

Funds can be a private act of remembrance or friends and family can contribute. All your donations will create a lasting memorial, and by celebrating one very special life, you’ll be saving thousands more around the world.

Since 2006, more than 200 families have built lasting tributes to their loved ones by setting up Candlelight Funds in their memory. Together, they have now raised more than £185,000 for CAFOD and have helped save and change lives across the world.

For more information on remembering someone special through a Candlelight Fund, please call 020 7095 5525, or email

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