Climate Change 2021: The Road to COP26

Andy Wansbury is a parishioner from St John Vianney in Bexleyheath and an active campaigner with CAFOD. He has agreed, with a bunch of other campaigners in the diocese of Southwark, to write some blogs this year to accompany us all on our journey to the COPE 26 next November. Here is the first campaign article of a Series you will find every month on our blog.

The new year began with high positive hopes with the role out of Coronavirus vaccines, only for us to feel deflated by the new lockdown.  Coronavirus has dominated our lives for the last nine months to the exclusion of almost everything else.  As serious and as important as Coronavirus is, some of the issues that have been lost from the news are just as important and just as urgent.  Climate Change is one of those issues.  Climate Change hasn’t gone away it still is a major threat to our world. We must not forget about it.

Munshigong_After The Cyclone_May21_2020_Day_2 (24 of 29).jpg

Tropical cyclone Amphan, Bangladesh

Scientists are still stressing the need for action and emphasizing that it is the most vulnerable people who will suffer the most from the effects of, whilst being the least responsible, for Climate Change. 

This Christmas’ Royal Institution’s Christmas Lectures* on the BBC (which are aimed at young people), chose to look at Climate Change. In the third lecture, Dr. Tara Shine spoke with Hindu Amaro Ebrahim from Chad (one of the least developed countries in the world). Hindu explained how Climate Change was affecting Chad. It is causing temperatures to rise (and rise faster than the global average) and along with a decrease in rainfall, it has caused Lake Chad to shrink by 90% of its 1960 size. The result is that local people are leaving the area becoming refugees, impacting on food security, job security, and causing conflict in the country.

Make sure communities hardest hit by the climate emergency are listened to at COP26 

Dr. Shine then went onto compare how much Chad was adding to Climate Change as opposed to other countries who are less affected by Climate Change. She compared annual production per person of carbon dioxide (CO2). The chief cause of climate change.


  • Chad 0.06 tons of CO2 is produced per person per annum
  • India 1.9 tons of CO2 is produced per person per annum
  • UK 5.5 tons of CO2 is produced per person per annum
  • USA 15.5 tons of CO2 is produced per person per annum

The message was clear that those least responsible for Climate Change are those sufferingKenya the most from the consequences of Climate Change. Not only are they suffering the most from Climate change but they are already some of the poorest people in the world.

Sign CAFOD Petition to the Prime Minister to reclaim our Common Home  

CAFOD Mass Lobby 2019 Time is now 05 Eleanor ChurchCAFOD and its partners have been championing this cause for long time, that Climate Change is a crisis that is affecting the poorest people in the world, who are least responsible for climate change, the most.

What can we do what should we do to respond to this?

We can assess our own actions that produce CO2: can I cut things I do that produce CO2? Do I always need to take the car? Do I need to store all those old emails? Are just a couple of examples of questions we should asking ourselves.  We can help educate people even just by word of mouth, encouraging the better use of resources.  We can petition our politicians and demand that they support and promote policies at local, national and international levels, that will minimize or reduce Climate Change.  We must make politicians realize that taking action against Climate Change is a vote winner, especially as we head towards COP26. Read more about COP 26 and the UK

If we want there to be a world for future generations (no matter where they live in the world), we must act now.  It doesn’t matter we can only take a small action, every little bit we do builds with the actions of others into a large action and change for the good can be achieved. Sign our new petition to reclaim our common home 

*Royal Institution Christmas Lecture by Dr Tara Shine broadcast 30/12/2020

Get crafty in Southwark

With schools closed, children spend hours in front of their phones and computers.  All of a sudden these little screens became the most important part of everyday life. They are being used to study and do the homework, but also to relax and stay in touch with others.

Read on to hear how a Children’s Liturgy Volunteer shared her passion for crafting with ideas which are fun and relaxing and and don’t require sitting in front of a computer (or at least only for a very short time 🙂

Maggie McWilliams Crafting Joy with CAFOD

 Check out CAFOD’s newest LIVE monthly online show Crafting JOY with CAFOD, where Maggie McWilliams, a mum of 3, teacher and Children’s Liturgy Volunteer, along with her co-host Bronagh Daly (Community Participation Coordinator in Leeds), share some amazing crafting ideas, last month the theme was Walk for Water themed craft and chat which is perfect to get us focused on the journey towards Lent and water poverty around the world.




During Lockdown many people are taking up new hobbies like baking, or gardening and 

Maggie and Bronagh Crafting Joy with CAFOD

crafting!  If you feel like you’d like to flex your creative skills or want to get the kids involved with making their own works of art join the next Crafting Joy with CAFOD.

CAFOD volunteer Maggie gave an interview to  Emma Gill on the BBC Radio Cornwall    Saturday Breakfast show. You can find it here at this point in the broadcast: In at: 3hrs:38 – Out at: 3hrs:47

Marine, Sarah and Celeste would love to see what our Southwark volunteers can do, why not send us pictures of what you make and tell your family and friends. Discover a new passion particularly with little ones.

Banana cake from Peru Crafting with CAFOD

When you have a moment why not check out the activities at the CAFOD Kidz Zone? especially the yummy recipes from around the world! Tweet pictures of your creations to share with fellow volunteers to the Southwark Twitter account: @cafodsouthwark or share a Facebook post on the Southwark Facebook page: @cafodsouthwark

Lent Appeal 2021 with a difference!

Happy New Year! We hope that all of you had a wonderful and restful Christmas.

Today, when the entire country is struggling with rising Covid -19 cases, and people are being asked to isolate and socially distance, it is more important than ever to stay connected (albeit virtually).

We would like you to join us for our South East Region online Lent Fast Day volunteer briefing, which will take place on Saturday, 30th January 2021, between 10.30 – 12.30 on Zoom.

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Lent Appeal 2021

Abdella at water source in Afar, Ethiopia

The focus for this year’s Lent appeal is water and the scarcity of it. We will learn more about the story of a young man from Ethiopia called Abdella.

Water is one of the most precious resources which sustains all of life on Earth. We are very privileged, as we have access to clean, drinking water flowing from our taps; it is easy to forget that there are still places where this is not the case. In Ethiopia, water is scarce, Abdella  spends 10 hours walking every day in order to collect the water to sustain his family’s basic needs.

Hear Abdella speak about his daily walk for water below:

Can you help us support those like Abdella who don’t have a nearby access to safe, clean water? Come and find out how at one of our Lent Appeal meetings.?

Come along and:

  • Hear Connor Molloy, Country Director for Ethiopia, speak about our work with

    Afar, Ethiopia

    communities in Ethiopia who do not have access to a safe water source.

  • Receive feedback on your donations to Our Harvest 2020 and Coronavirus appeals
  • Look at the Lent Fast Day Resources and how you can use them in your parish community
  • Look ahead at an exciting year of Campaigning for Climate Justice as we seek to Reclaim Our Common Home
  • Meet virtually with other volunteers, share your experiences and pray together.

Lent Briefing Dates:

South East Region Lent Briefing:

Saturday, 30th January 2021, 10:30 – 12:30 GMT.

Location: Online through Zoom, Register here

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Lent Fast Day resources will be released soon, why not read about how Harvest Family Fast day took place for the first time during the Coronavirus pandemic last year.