Get inspired by “TheTimeIsNow” Lobby

“The TimeIsNow” Lobby was an exciting day filled with workshops, interfaith events, lobbying and campaigning! 12,000 campaigners – 327 from Southwark – marched through London for Climate Justice and then lined up along the Thames, waiting to meet with their MPs. Here is a recap of the first part of the day and what to do next…. 

TheTimeIsNow Workshops

In the morning, there were a variety of different workshops available. Rosie, a CAFOD volunteer, attended a ‘how to talk to your MP’ workshop and a talk about the IPCC report at St Martins in the Fields church.

A Workshop at St Martin In The Fields Church

A Workshop at St Martin In The Fields Church

She says “both workshops were really informative and prepared me for the day. When listening to an overview of the ICPP report, I was shocked to discover that even a rise of 2°C in global temperatures compared to 1.5°C would mean millions more people would be susceptible to poverty and suffer the effects of extreme weather, food shortages and rising sea levels. We can’t let the temperatures reach 2°C, something has to be done!”

Marine (CAFOD Southwark CPC) meanwhile, started the day with an Interfaith Workshop on “How to engage your faith community and faith leaders”. Marine says “it was run by 2 Muslim people and I was so touched as a Catholic to realise we were having the same talks and the same type of educational approach. The sentence I will remember came from one of the participants which was ‘Never underestimate the power of one individual in the fight of Climate Change’…. It gave me wings to keep going with my tiny actions in my daily life.”

“Never underestimate the power of one individual in the fight of Climate Change”

Weren’t able to attend the lobby but still care about Climate Change? Visit the CAFOD website for ideas of how to change the fate of some of the poorest people in the world (who are most vulnerable to climate change), from writing to your MP using this briefing, to hosting a Creation Celebration in your Parish, to becoming a live simply community.   

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Meeting our MP: what is next?

On Wednesday 26 June, 12,000 campaigners – 327 from Southwark- lined up along the Thames, excited to meet with their MPs to talk about the fate of our planet. There were constituents from all around Britain, from Northumberland to Devon! At least 300 MPs came, some didn’t, and some sent representatives. Here is a look back on the day from four CAFOD workers who all had very different experiences.  

Margaret- A Representative’s Talk

Orpington Constituents listen to their MP's representative
Orpington Constituents listen to their MP’s representative

Margaret and her constituents waited along the Thames for their MP to arrive, but no-one came. After over an hour, some of the constituents were just about to go home, when they got the news that a representative was on her way! Kate Hartwood arrived shortly after.  She apologised that Joseph Johnston hadn’t been able to come but was very happy to hear everyone’s concerns and feed back to Joseph Johnston.

The Time is Now Lobby

Margaret at TheTimeIsNow Lobby

Margaret said: “Roger Wright from St James’ Petts Wood and others spoke very passionately about the issues regarding climate change he felt the government in needed to address.  Kate listened very carefully and made lots of notes (on the back of the questions sheet issued by CAFOD!) that she promised to relay to Joseph Johnston.”

“It was great walking along the line to see so many MPs had come out to engage with constituents and to see so many campaigners turning out for the day!”

What is next? Keep asking for answers from your MP in writing or at his surgery. You can use our net zero MP briefing to help draft your letter or email and include this booklet for them to learn more about climate change and the environment.

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Freda and John’s fundraising success!

Every year, Freda and John host an amazing garden party at their house in Bexley. They sell plants, organise a raffle, and supply people with cakes, sandwiches, tea and coffee. It is a wonderful way to raise money for a cause close to their hearts, and this year was a great success as always. 

A brilliant fundraiser

It was a bright, breezy day, and thankfully the rain held off. Prior to the event, Freda and John sold plants at their Keep Fit Class and collected raffle prizes. Then on the day, 60 people came! They welcomed new faces from their church, St Stephens in Bexley, as well as St. Thomas More’s, St. John Vianney and Our Lady of the Angels.

John and Freda's garden Party

Freda and John sold plants at their fundraiser to raise extra money for CAFOD!

Freda and John arranged for waitresses to serve their guests tea, coffee, homemade scones, sandwiches and cake! They also had a wonderful plant sale and the raffle.

“I would like to say a special thanks to those who supported the event” said Freda “I would not be able to host this event without the help of family and close friends who turn up to help with the preparation of the sandwiches, cake decoration, and constant pots of tea and coffee, as well as our waitresses who do a sterling job! Jo Stanton came up trumps with her lovely scones. Many stayed behind to do the clearing up, too!”

Why not fundraise for CAFOD too? Check out our how-to guide for fundraising help and ideas!

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